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 Dominic Brown

Director Zamore featuring Dominic Brown

Dominic is an established visual artist in The Hague.

For more info about his art check out

The Crew

I met Dom on a Saturday evening after visiting Escher's Museum in Den Haag. It was as if life itself pushed me towards his gallery. Once in, Dom was working on his art piece ''Aquiles'' and was very pleased to know I was Mexican; since a lot of his art is inspired by Mexican culture. In fact the painting next to him in the interview is inspired by Aztec emperor of Mexico, Moctezuma II. We instantly clicked, went to get some tacos for lunch and continue enjoying each other's company and painting at his studio throughout the evening until late 3 am. After such first encounter, the friendship was pretty much implicit.

Artist                                                                             Dominic Brown

DOP / Video Editor / Director                     Jaqueline Zamora
Location                                                                     Amsterdam, NL

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