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En colaboración con Deuss Music, desarrolle un video de animación 2D para pintar una narrativa visual que acompañara la música de la compositora Kate Moore. 

As part of the selected artists, we had complete creative freedom over the piece. 

Knowing this, I let the ideas be felt, instead of analysed. 

I listened to the piece and, due to my context, my culture, my experiences, I visualised the word resilience. The piece to me sounded as if a tragedy had occurred. An event with collateral effects that is above you. The ending though, isn't sad, it changes from tragedy to hope. To be continued... 


As I grew up in Mexico, I learned that many things don't go as you wish to. You win, but you also loose. You start over again, get up again, try again and give your best, so the next time, maybe you can win. That's how I became aware of resilience. 

Kate's piece feels like a remembrance to resilience. To feel the fear, the overwhelming weight of the world on your shoulders, to then surrender to hope.

To find the comfort through the uncomfortable.

Mockup lap 1.png

This animation was also part of the November Muziek Festival

Since I couldn't make it to the screening, I could only imagine what the installation would look like. So I made this  virtual installation as a homage to my little frog.

green swamp reference image
reference image of a frog
digital painting on krita
digital painting on krita

The Process


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