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Salvando al Amor or Save the Love was originally an illustration that turned into an animation.


Inspired by the words of Silvana Estrada, Mexican composer, this is a tribute to the drama, the passion and the humour that surrounds Mexican culture.


Her song ‘Marchita’ gave me flashbacks of every soap opera my mother watched, where the characters surrenders to love, put their hearts up to their sleeves, make poetry out of caresses, and become heroes for defending the name of love, or villains to those who attempt against it.

The drama revolving the latin culture is REAL.


It became an animation because a still image couldn’t contain the emotion I wanted to portray. The Foley (also made by me) and the grasping for air really made a difference to convey the message.


2D Illustrations made in Clip Studio Paint

Animation done in After Effects



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