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Collaborated with Irish music producer @cutting_corners_corbett to create his first EP album cover.




When you’re new at something and you get your first commission, it really can be nerve wracking because you don’t want to be perceived as a noobie. You want to be professional and have all the answers to your clients' questions but, let's be honest, you don't have them all.


I was thrown a list of items and symbols to put together an art cover. I had to be practical and assertive, so I decided to only keep: the Celtic cross, Hall 9000 from space odyssey, the tracks. 


The hardest part were the keys, since they’re in a tricky angle. I got so desperate from trying to illustrate in the pad that I went back to the analog way and did it all by hand. I scanned it, redraw it and composed it on Clip Studio Paint. 


The 2nd hardest part were the aux chords. I learned how to use vector lines with these, since I was looking for a very aesthetic look, regardless of the chaos that seems to be going on. The details of the texture also made a difference to add personality to the illustration. It still looks like a noobie made it, but at least I can own the stage and be like ‘‘I’m that noobie’’.


Made in Clip Studio Paint

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