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abstract art with purple and negative space

At the beginning of 2023,

I visited Serbia for the first time. Reason?

2 days challenge to produce a music video.

Our main characters narrate a love story of Farzaneh and her Middle Eastern lover, who breaks his promise of freedom and becomes increasingly abusive towards her.

Farzaneh is left weakened by his abuse and must hide her sorrowful tears from the world. However, The Oracle sings her tale of revenge, inspiring others to resist oppression and remember the countless victims. 

Check out what the artist has to say about it HERE

Mladen - 8.jpg
Zorana - 4.jpg
Nadja - 2.jpg

My role was as a concept artist and story development.

2nd storyboard zoranaa.jpg
3rd storyboard zorana.jpg



cameraman, music video, recording of a music video

It's really amazing to witness what passionate people can do. I'm speechless for the talent I got to collaborate with.

This adventure really set the tone for the rest of my 2023.


The Crew

Project director and producer: @zoranaism
1st Assistant Directors: @andrija.tomash  @mlade.lyrics.videos@jovana.mladen
Story development: @zzamoree @dzojara @z0ombula @zoranaism
Storyboard drawings: @pinki.992

Music: Purple Drip (@stamenovmilan86 & @zoranaism) feat. @tiancongmusic (drums) & (synth)
Arrangement: Purple Drip (@stamenovmilan86 & @zoranaism)
Mix and master: @stamenovmilan86
Lyrics: @zoranaism & @faegames_official

Camera operators: @andrija.tomash @jovana.mladen@mlade.lyrics.videos
Post-production: @andrija.tomash
Photography: @byglisa

Male character: @mlacko_xman
Female character: @joksy90
The Oracle character: @zoranaism
Dancer: @nadjabjelanovic
Dance choreography: @inspire.concept
Hairstyle: @b.braids.belgrade
Costumes: @vidart5  @damjan_cosplay @vidasimic.vs
Makeup: @zoranaism @brigittavrg @vidart5

Locations: Mount Avala and  Spomenik Monument. (Serbia)

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