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The sun rises for everyone

Sol Lucet Omnibus

My contribution to the Sea Watch Italy, sticker contest.

A phrase that is heard and said a lot in Mexico is ''The sun shines for all.''  

I can relate with the struggle of being away from home (Me being a Mexican based in the Netherlands) and needing something to make you feel as equal; something to give you a sense of belonging. 


In the past I’ve also felt this need. My mother said something that stuck with me ever since. She said: ''The sun rises for everyone'' and from that moment on, I have felt confident about the reason why I am here now. Why I had to leave my nest and why I deserve to live a fulfilling life as much as anyone else. The sun has always accompanies me. Every time I feel it on my skin, this memory comes up. Scientist, activist, refugees, me. We are all here, on this planet, and we have the right to live in it without anyone limiting our opportunities to enhance a better quality of life. This illustration is based on that feeling.

Made in Clip Studio Paint

azul blanco con delineado.png
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