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A Lively Art Piece

Florencia Cerbán featuring Dominic Brown

Florencia Cerbán is an Argentinian contemporary performer, and also a dear friend of mine. When Flor and I join forces, beautiful things happen. As an opportunity to re-shape the experience of an art gallery visit, Florencia became a lively art piece dancing around a collection made by the talented dutch artist, Dominic Brown

The Crew

Dom and I, him and Flor, we all had met just recently, but we had this anxious feeling; a need to create. Dom's exhibition was the perfect excuse to do something! I was feeling very bold after 3 solid months of creative flow and meeting the right people, so I felt confident enough and pitched this idea to Dom. He had a quartet of musicians coming over and I wanted to squeeze the juice out of this opportunity. It was a hands-on experience because I tried the DOP hat and... respect for DOPs. #word I had so much fun directing and recording this talented woman. Witnessing flow and intention coming together.

Dancer                                                                         Florencia Cerbán

Art                                                                                  Dominic Brown

DOP / Video Editor / Director                     Jaqueline Zamora
Location                                                                     Amsterdam, NL

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