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[zá - mo - re]

To be love


1. A fusion between my last name Zamora and Amore in Italian.

2. By changing the letter order you can find a second paraphrase

in Spanish: ze amor (be love).

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When I arrived to Milan, 5 years ago, I was at Cadorna Station waiting for my host to pick me up and show me around.
As I was waiting, I witnessed 2 girls running towards each other with arms wide open, then a man welcoming a lady and whispering things to her ear, and then my host arrived while finishing a phone call saying ''Ciao Amore''.

He looked at me and said ''Are you Jaqueline Zamore''
didn't bother to correct him.
It might have been that in his mind he was still replaying the goodbye to his lover, or maybe he was part of the display of love surrounding me...

Either way I took it as a sign. A sign that told me: ''be love'', and that has been my motto since...


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My mom named me after her favourite soap opera actress, Jacqueline Andere, but little did she knew about how to write a French name...


I have originally 4 names; I think that’s a good analogy of how devoted Latins are. We stick to our traditions, we like finding meaning in absolutely everything, and we expect representation.

My full name is Perla Jaqueline Orenday Zamora, but I wasn’t supposed to be named Perla.

Every member in my family starts with a ‘J’, and my Mom wanted to keep it that way, but she didn’t told my Dad. So when my Mom decided to go for a piss, and left my Grandmother on charge at the registration office, he fearlessly accepted her proposal to name me 'Perla - Jaqueline '.


(Until this day, I can stir the pot and cause fights at home if I mention this story)





In a good way, being the only one that starts with a 'P' was a constant reminder to not be afraid to be different.

When I was 8, I was a victim of racism, and for the first time I hated being different. 

Screenshot 2021-11-21 at 21.18.13.png

When I turned 16 and discovered how good red looked on my dark skin, I knew I was no longer prisoner of that prejudism.


Then again, I loved being different.


Living abroad in my 20s has definitely reassured this fact. Coming from a different country, having lived in different contexts, and telling stories in different ways, has become my trademark.


The diversity of my life has trascended into the art I want to create; in different mediums: film, illustration, animation, art direction and poetry.

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