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a lady standing in one foot. She wears high black boots, red leotard, black long gloves and she has black wavy long hair. Around her is the frase ''do more of what you want and less of what you should''

My 1st Business Card

My graduation from Animation Academy was getting close and I decided to create my first ever business card.

As a Mexican, I find meaning in absolutely everything. It's a thing we do, symbolise, represent, honour. When I decided to create this business card, I knew it had to deliver something very personal that also represented a time and space in my life. This phrase became my motto when I arrived to the Netherlands; when I decided to pursue something different from my degree; when I opened myself to creativity.


Doing more of what you want and less of what you should, is my constant reminder to stay out of the comfort zone and keep thriving for what I really want.


I was happy with the feedback I received. Some even asked me for 2 business cards, one to keep home and one to have in their cars, so they could surround themselves with this reminder.


Made in Clip Studio Paint & Photoshop


Thanks for submitting!

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