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Qui Sedes Ad Dexteram Patris 
by Lilly Montserrat and the Speed Dial Quartet

This is 1/2 opera videos produced for Lilly Montserrat.

After our first music video, we continued working together. The production became bigger and with new challenges. From storyboarding to location hunt, dress code, directing and outdoor recording, I played different roles, all at once. It has been the challenge I feel the most proud of. So many things could’ve gone wrong, and yet all the odds were in our favour.


The Crew

Fun Fact: Our original crew and gear quit on us 1 week before the shooting day. 

We managed to organise new people and gear within 5 days. The trickiest part was the recording gear, because we needed to record the musicians in the outdoors and maintain quality. The gear was ultimately provided by S.E Frank Ikinik, who I met through a phone call and convinced him this was a project worth of doing. He liked “how my energy brings people together” and gladly accepted. He couldn’t be part of the recording himself, but he did lent his gear to us.  The same gear that is used to record the National Dutch Opera. (WOW said the doggo)

Voice                     Lilly Montserrat 

DOP                       Mark Power 

Violin 1                 Timo Moll van Charante 

Violin 2                Tamara Korkadze 
Cellist                   Rubi Sanchez

Sound ING        Joshua Krosenbrik 

BTS                        Ioannis Kouzapas 

Director              Jaqueline Zamora
Location             Bilthoven, NL

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