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What's Going On (with this funk)?

I directed my first music video when I was 23, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

I became friends with a Mexican opera singer, who just as me, had recently arrived to the NL in 2021. Both, eager to create, joined forces to experiment and produce music videos.


The Crew

Having arrived in the middle of the pandemic, during curfew, and with no places to connect, we had to come up with alternatives to hunt for musicians. Luckily we lived in a city that hosts Music Conservatoriums with artists from all around the globe.

Being aware of this, Lilly would give me a list of musicians she needed, and I would go sit outside of Utrecht Central and approach people who I saw were carrying a cello, a violin, a guitar, etc.

Voice                             Lilly Montserrat 

DOP                               Cyrion Willems   

Bass                               Amaro Colas

Guitar                          Pepjin van Keppel
Drums                         Lars van der Weiden 

Sound ING               Niels van der Weiden

ART/ Director        Jaqueline Zamora
Location                    Amsterdam, NL

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